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Forsyth Histology Core

Director: Rittling, Susan, Ph.D.

Location: 245 First Street, 5th Floor Science Center, room 5123, Cambridge, MA 02142


The Histology Core offers consulting and support services for both soft tissue and precise hard tissue analysis. Services include: tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, staining, and guidance on protocols. The Histology Core can embed samples in standard molds or custom molds in paraffin, resin, or as frozen tissue for routine histology. The core can also perform special stains and immunohistological studies performed either by the investigator or core staff.





  • American Optical Spencer 820 microtomes ( Microtome )

    The AO 820’s micron selector offers 1-50 microns which can be adjusted in 1 micron increments to allow for precise sectioning and is equipped with X-Y orientation clamps and high profile blade holders compatible with stainless steel blades.

  • Microm HM 315 microtome ( Microtome )

    Microm HM 315 microtome, the Microm HM 315 is a high performance microtome system designed for smooth vertical specimen movement with a precision microfeed system with fully adjustable section thickness (0.5-60 microns).

  • Thermo Scientific Cryotome FSE Cryostat ( Cryostat )


    • Microtome located outside of the cryochamber, making it easier and quicker to clean

    • Blade holder moves laterally, eliminating the need to unclamp and re-clamp blade and maximizing blade usage

    • Section thickness adjusts from 1 to 20μm in 1μm increments and 20 to 60μm in 5μm increments

    Cryochamber Temperature Controls

    • Control chamber temperature from 0° to -35°C

    • Control cryobar temperature
    • Cool specimen rapidly to prevent freezing artifacts with cryobar refrigeration system that cools to -55°C

    • Cool from ambient to set temperature in as little as two hours

    Ergonomic/Safety Features

    • Disinfect cryochamber with automatic formalin fumigation cycle

    • Prevent injury while working around blade and specimen with positive-locking flywheel

    • Section a variety of tissue types by controlling the temperature of the specimen holder from 0° to 40°C, within ±10°C of chamber temperature

  • Thermo Scientific Microm HM 355S Automatic Microtome ( Microtome )

    The HM 355S offers a range of cutting speeds and types, section counts thickness and advanced distance, and is excellent for routine paraffin sections and plastic-embedded specimens. The HM 355S is equipped with blade holders designed for disposable blades or high profile blade holders compatible with stainless steel and tungsten carbide “C” and “D” blades.

  • X-CLARITY polymerization system ( Automatic tissue processor )

  • X-CLARITY tissue clearing device ( Automatic tissue processor )


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