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Assay Development and Screening Facility (ADSF) at Boston Children’s Hospital

Directors: Kleiman, Robin, Ph.D.; Sahin, Mustafa, M.D., Ph.D.

Location: CLS12260, 3 Blackfan Circle,, Boston, MA 02115


The Assay Development and Screening Facility (ADSF) provides consultation and implementation of high-throughput and high-content screening assays on a fee-for-service model. The core has specialized equipment to support image-based and live cell assay development. The ADSF also partners with the Human Neuron Differentiation Service to create and conduct phenotypic screening using patient derived iPSC lines differentiated into specific neuronal cell types to model human CNS disorders.




  • Agilent BenchCel 4R ( Plate loader )

  • Agilent Bravo ( Liquid handling system )

  • Agilent PlateLoc ( Plate sealer )

  • Hamamatsu FDSS7000ex kinetic plate reader ( Microplate reader )

    The ADSF is anchored by a Hamamatsu FDSS7000EX kinetic reader, which has the capability of conducting measurements of fluorescence or luminescence in 384 wells at once, with time resolution of up to 40Hz. The equipment allows for measurements of changes in membrane potential and concentration of intracellular ions such as Ca2+ in primary cultures, stem cell-derived or trans-differentiated cells or cell lines in a fast, accurate, parallel fashion.

  • Matrix Wellmate ( Microplate dispenser )

  • Thermo Multidrop ( Liquid handler )

  • ThermoFisher Arrayscan XTI ( Imager )

    We have a confocal based high-content screening (HCS) platform, ThermoFisher's Arrayscan XTI. This HCS instrument features a temperature and CO2 controlled live cell chamber to assay your biology over several days. The arrayscan XTI has an integrated liquid handler to administer your substrate of interest, well by well, capturing changes in fluorescence upto 10Hz with an enhanced CCD camera and 7 LED light source using 6 to 1536 well labware.



  • Dotmatics Vortex informatics solution ( Software )

    "Intuitive and versatile data visualisation and analysis solution, and an alternative to spreadsheets.

    Vortex is a data visualisation and analysis solution for all industries. As an alternative to spreadsheets, it provides the plots and functionality required to explore and understand any complexity and size of data. Vortex is also available with full chemical structure intelligence."

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