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Technology and Innovation Development Office (BCH)

Location: Technology and Innovation Development Office, Boston Children's Hospital, 300 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA 02115


Boston Children's Hospital's Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) (formerly Intellectual Property Office) is a team of highly motivated professionals with experience in academic and industry biomedical research, technology licensing, company startups, business and law.

Through active partnering with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies at all stages (e.g. research, development, pre-clinical and clinical investigation), TIDO works to translate the world-class, cutting edge research conducted at Children's Hospital into new therapies, diagnostics and devices that can benefit the public.





    • Access to available technologies ( Access service )

      Searchable database of technologies that can be licensed through TIDO.

      Types of inventions:
      * Information Technology/Software
      * Therapeutics
      * Medical Device
      * Diagnostic/Prognostic
      * Research Tool
      * Other

      Research Areas:
      * Allergy/Respiratory/Pulmonary Disease
      * Anesthesia
      * Cardiovascular/Cardiology
      * Degenerative Disease
      * Dermatology
      * Endocrinology
      * Gastrointestinal/Nutrition
      * Genetic Disease
      * Health Care Management
      * Immunology
      * Infectious Disease
      * Inflammation
      * Internal Medicine
      * Metabolic Disease
      * Neonatology/Pediatric
      * Neurology/Neuroscience
      * Oncology/Hematology
      * Ophthalmology
      * Otolaryngology/Audiology
      * Pain
      * Personalized Medicine
      * Psychiatric Disease
      * Radiology
      * Regenerative Medicine
      * Reproduction/Ob-Gyn
      * Stem Cell
      * Surgery/Wound Healing
      * Urology

    • Business development ( Support service )

      "Business Development within TIDO connects Children's Hospital investigators with outside industry to create opportunities for partnerships at all stages of research, development, and pre-clinical and clinical investigation.

      Business Development within TIDO connects Children’s investigators with the healthcare and life science industry to create partnerships to support all stages of research, development, and pre-clinical and clinical investigation. TIDO connects groups with similar R&D objectives and complementary resources.

      The Business Development group:

      * Generates profiles of research and researchers at Children's Hospital that outline recent and ongoing work, future goals and potential areas of collaboration with industry.
      * Proactively meet with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, informatics and diagnostic companies to understand their R&D areas of interest and goals.
      * Provides preliminary information reciprocally to Children's Hospital researchers and corporate parties enabling further evaluation for a potential collaboration.
      * Coordinates scientific meetings for companies with individual/multiple investigators or entire departments for both sides to explore collaborative projects."

    • Clinical trials budgeting and contract support ( Support service )

      The Clinical Trials Office provides the Children's research enterprise with comprehensive contract and budgeting services for industry sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials, from the initial negotiation phase through contract execution.

      Getting Started:

      The CTO process begins with any of the following supportive documents, or by contacting the CTO directly.

      * Protocol
      * Informed Consent Form
      * Proposed Contract from Industry Sponsor
      * Proposed Budget from Industry Sponsor

    • MTAs, CDAs and consultation ( Support service )

      "Before interacting with or transferring materials to investors, companies in the life science, diagnostic, therapeutic, industry, medical device or software industries, it is important to know whether an agreement is necessary to protect your research, biological materials, drug discovery tools, innovations or intellectual property. TIDO is available to answer questions and put any necessary contracts in place including material transfer, confidentiality and consulting agreements."

    • Patenting and out licensing ( Support service )

      "TIDO develops innovations using a multi-faceted approach through the protection and licensing of intellectual property, investment in Children's Hospital technologies, and establishment of strong research and development collaborations and partnerships with healthcare industry throughout the innovation to product life cycle. Ultimately, our end goal is to out license the technology to a company partner that will develop the innovation and, and bring a product to market based on the Children’s intellectual property. The process by which a discovery becomes a product is summarized below.

      * Children's Inventions and Discoveries
      * Invention Disclosure
      * Technology Assessment
      * Intellectual Property Protection
      * Marketing and Business Development
      * Licensing
      * Product Research and Development

    • Technology development ( Support service )

      "The Technology Development arm of TIDO was established to address the gap between early stage academic technologies arising from Children's Hospital Boston research laboratories and clinics and late-stage opportunities sought by licensees and investors. Technology Development at Children's Hospital will provide:

      1. Funds to advance select hospital technologies
      2. Access to industry experts and leaders in product development
      3. Collaborations with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) offering technical support"

    • Technology Development Grant ( Support service )

      "The TDG is awarded annually and can provide up to $150,000 to advance later stage technologies, where the concept has been proven. This award is intended to add value to the technology to increase the probability of licensing to an established company or start-up. The application process begins by submitting a Letter of Intent (.pdf). Successful applications are invited to submit a Full Proposal (.doc), as well as a brief presentation to an external advisory board. The grant can be used for:

      * Prototype development
      * Human clinical data
      * Pre-clinical package
      * Drug delivery
      * Large animal studies
      * Other advanced pre-commercial research


      * The application must be based on intellectual property (IP) developed at the Children's Hospital with the rights assigned to Children's Hospital. The principal investigator must be a Children's Hospital employee.
      * For the application to be considered for evaluation, a complete invention disclosure must be on file with TIDO.
      * At least one patent application should be filed with USPTO on the technology prior to submission of the Letter of Intent (LOI). The patent strategy and commercialization path for the technology must be well defined."

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