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Center for Nanoscale Systems

Location: Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, 11 Oxford Street, LISE 306, Cambridge, MA 02138


The Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) at Harvard University provides staff and resources to acquire, maintain, operate, improve, and develop advanced facilities for use by faculty, students and external collaborators. CNS also provides courses, training, assistance, and collaborative interactions to facilitate use of the equipment.

The intellectual focus of CNS activities is on the operation of its facilities for the fabrication and study of "nanoscale" structures, systems and phenomena that span the range between the atomic and the macroscopic, and whose properties are very different from those of macroscopic systems. These studies include (e.g.):

* Synthesis of nanoscale structures
* Fabrication of mesoscale devices
* Imaging, using electron microscopy and scanned probe techniques
* Advanced optical microscopy
* Biological applications





    • CNS Facilities Access ( Access service )

      Users of the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) can acquire access to its four main facilities:

      * Imaging and Analysis (SEM, TEM, ESEM, sample prep etc.)
      * Nanofabrication (cleanroom, lithography, RIE, etc.)
      * Material Synthesis (FIB, XPS, AFM, Biomaterials, Chemical Nanotechnology, etc.)
      * NNIN/C Computational Facilities (hardware resources and simulation tools dedicated to nanoscience research)

      Each of these internal core facilities have their own record and instrumentation listing.

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