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Epithelial Cell Biology Core (BCH)

Directors: Alper, Seth, M.D., Ph.D.; Snapper, Scott B., M.D., Ph.D.


Provides technologies and resources required for studies on polarized epithelial cells that line mucosal surfaces. We provide specialized epithelial cell culture and gene manipulation services, customized materials and instrumentation, expert know-how, and training to facilitate structural and functional studies on polarized epithelial cell culture systems or mucosal intestinal tissue in situ.






  • Cell culture services ( Material maintenance service )

    Cell lines:
    * MDCK Cells
    * T84 Cells
    * CaCo2-BBE
    * Non-polarized Cells

    * Maintain Cell line (per flask/week)
    * 6-well format
    * 12- well format
    * 24-well format
    * 96-well format
    * 0.33 cm polarized (12 filters)
    * 1.0 cm polarized (12 filters)
    * 5.0 cm polarized (6 filters)
    * INVERTS 0.33 cm2

  • Cell line freezing ( Material modification service )

    Available from T-75 flask to 3 frozen vials.

  • FACS Analysis ( Material analysis service )

    "Assistance with assay for protein expression or cell function by 6-color FACS analysis"

  • Mycoplasma test ( Material analysis service )

    "This test is required for all incoming cell lines and those stored by Core C."

  • n-Counter mRNA analysis ( Material analysis service )

    "Direct highly multiplexed direct quantification of individual mRNAs in biological samples"

  • Transient transfection ( Material modification service )

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