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FAS Center for Systems Biology

Location: Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology, Northwest Lab Building, 52 Oxford Street, B227.80, Cambridge MA 02138


The FAS Center for Systems Biology is dedicated to fostering collaborations both within the center and between it and the outside world, including the wider Harvard community. It is the home of the Bauer Fellows: young, independent researchers, drawn from a wide range of disciplines, and selected on the basis of their willingness to interact with each other, and with the surrounding faculty. The center also maintains extensive laboratory and computer resources in its core facilities, and a core staff to train, assist and collaborate with Harvard researchers wishing to use these resources. The Center for Systems Biology incorporates these two components, and has added a third: an ambitious new initiative to hire up to ten new faculty doing research in systems biology, who can be members of any department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The Center's overall goal is to combine a variety of experimental and theoretical approaches to find general principles that help to explain the structure, behavior and evolution of cells and organisms. Faculty and Fellows span a wide range of disciplines, including biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and engineering.




    Research Opportunities

    • Bauer Fellows ( Research Opportunity )

      "The Bauer Fellows program was initiated to maximize the opportunities for interdisciplinary interaction. Bauer Fellows are young and independent researchers, often straight out of a PhD, who receive funds from the NIGMS Center for Modular Biology and Harvard to run a group of up to three people. The initial appointment is for three years, with the possibility of renewal for up to two more years. Each Fellow receives the support of a mentoring committee composed of three faculty who are interested in the Fellow’s area of research. Our Fellows develop new experimental techniques, applying existing and novel techniques to interesting biological problems, and develop new analytical and theoretical tools for converting genome-wide data into knowledge about biology. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Because we strongly believe that the search for broad biological principles requires a combination of experiment, theory and computation, we are particularly interested in recruiting Fellows with broad scientific interests and a taste for collaboration. Our aim is for Fellows to work together by combining their differing expertise with a strong interest in a common general problem, as well as forging connections between the center and the broader Harvard community."

    • Undergraduate Summer Research Internships ( Research Opportunity )

      "Starting on Monday June 6 the internship will last for ten weeks (until Aug 12). Interns will work on research projects in the labs of the Bauer Fellows and Systems Biology faculty whose work spans many fields of science, from biology (including systems biology, biophysics, boinformatics and genomics) to applied mathematics and computation. Interns will have the opportunity to learn a range of cutting-edge genomics or bioinformatics techniques in the exciting and dynamic research environment at the FAS Center for Systems Biology and the Department for Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. The internships will be offered to Harvard students and students from other US universities."

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