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Office of Technology Transfer (Joslin)

Location: Joslin Diabetes Center, Room 755C, One Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215


The Office of Technology Transfer is responsible for the identification and protection of new inventions and other commercially-valuable intellectual property that arises from Joslin's research and clinical activities. The Office handles, or assists with, contracts and other research-related interactions between Joslin staff and industry.



      Member: Glass, David, Ph.D.
      Role: Director, Technology Transfer, Senior Associate Director, Technology Transfer McLean Hospital Research Administration



    • Tech transfer industry relations service ( Support service )

      "The Office of Technology Transfer must be consulted before investigators enter into legal agreements with industry or with other nonprofit institutions, including confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, consulting agreements, as well as agreements for the industrial sponsorship of clinical or nonclinical research. Most of these agreements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, often starting with a template agreement provided by the company.

      Please contact the Office if you are contemplating any relationship that may require an agreement between Joslin and a company or another academic laboratory. However, if you wish to send Joslin-developed reagents, antibodies, cell lines, or animal models to investigators at other non-profit institution, this can be handled by individual laboratories, using the material transfer agreements found below. Investigators should contact the Office of Technology Transfer to send any such materials to a for-profit company, for any modification to our standard form, or to initiate a research-related agreement of any other kind."

    • Tech transfer inventions service ( Support service )

      "The goal of Joslin's policies is to enable the results of the Center's research to be used to the benefit of diabetes patients and other members of the general public. Joslin's Patent Policy is designed to promote the progress of science through commercial development of inventions for the benefit of the public. Accordingly, our policies are intended to ensure that those inventions in which the Center has interest will be utilized in a manner consistent with the public interest.
      Joslin staff members who believe they have made an invention in the course of their research or clinical practice should contact the Tech Transfer Office and complete an Invention Disclosure Form. To avoid the possible loss of patent rights in key countries, staff members are strongly encouraged to consult the Office well before publication or public presentation. For those inventions which the Office decides to pursue, Joslin will seek patent protection and contact potential corporate partners and licensees at Joslin's expense."

    • Technology licensing service ( Support service )

      "For 103 years, Joslin Diabetes Center has been internationally recognized for its leadership in diabetes research, patient care and training. An affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Joslin is the world's largest institution dedicated exclusively to diabetes, and is unique in its commitment to both patient care and research. The Elliott P. Joslin Research Laboratory includes 10 laboratory sections dedicated to research in basic and clinical studies matching the range of diabetes causes and complications. Joslin's research staff and the clinical staff of its multi-specialty medical practice, the Joslin Clinic, together include internationally recognized scientists from multiple disciplines, providing an unparalleled range of research, treatment and education for people with diabetes.


      * Therapeutic Methods for Diabetes, Insulin Disorders
      * Cell Transplantation and Beta Cell Biology
      * Therapeutics for Complications of Diabetes and Other Disorders
      * Obesity
      * Drug Screening for Diabetes
      * Diagnosis of Diabetes and its Complications
      * Animal Models and Research Tools"

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