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Partners Research Ventures and Licensing

Location: 101 Huntington Ave, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02199


Research Ventures & Licensing (RVL) is a division of Partners HealthCare that coordinates commercialization services across Partners HealthCare, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. RVL offers support in the identification and protection of new inventions, the development of commercialization strategies, licensing, relationships with industry and the development of start-up companies. The RVL team has backgrounds in technology licensing, patenting, bench research, finance, funding, business, law and venture capital. Investigators are assigned to Research and Licensing representatives based on their departments and projects.

Primary Functions
1. Manage inventions arising from research
2. Protect intellectual property
3. Determine commercialization pathway
4. Find industry partners and licensees
5. Identify technology funding options
6. Create marketing plans
7. Support PHS academic-industry alliances

Partners HealthCare, MGH and BWH employees and investigators are covered by the Intellectual Property Policy for Partners-Affiliate Hospitals and Institutions. The purpose of this policy is to promote the mission of Partners HealthCare Hospitals by making inventions, copyrightable works, and other intellectual property created by physicians, researchers, and trainees available for the benefit of the public while also providing a fair allocation of the financial costs and rewards associated with them.

Investigators who have additional questions about Intellectual Property, Commercialization or working with RVL should consult the RVL website at rvl.partners.org, or contact us directly.





    • Access to available technologies ( Access service )

      "This database is updated frequently, and draws from the database of technologies available for licensing from both Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, founding members of Partners Healthcare in Boston.

      Primary Technology Areas:
      * Diagnostics
      * Research
      * Drug
      * Software
      * Medical Device
      * Therapeutics
      * Medical Imaging
      * Vaccine"

    • Advice on start-up opportunities ( Support service )

      "On occasion, the optimal strategy to commercialize a technology is to create a new company to pursue the opportunity. Technologies that are paradigm shift and platform, as opposed to being product specific, are often better suited to be developed into a new venture. RVL professionals in the Research and Licensing group and in the Partners Innovation Fund have specific expertise to support these transactions."

    • Development of Intellectual Property commercialization agreements ( Support service )

      "Once a company shows interest in developing a technology, RVL will recommend a business arrangement, usually in the form of a license agreement, to transfer certain commercial rights to the company in return for compensation and other obligations to the institution. Confidentiality Agreements allow the institution and the company to exchange information that is not yet public about the technology and/or business plans. Further research may be conducted at the institution using company funds to provide additional scientific information about the invention."

    • Identify opportunities and market ideas to industry ( Support service )

      "RVL receives hundreds of invention disclosures every year and has a deep understanding of commercialization pathways and company interests, especially in the medical fields. Once an inventor presents an idea to RVL, it is assigned to a licensing professional who evaluates its commercialization potential and its ability to address unmet needs in society. Based on this assessment, licensing professional will determine the optimal path for protection of the invention. The licensing professionals will then outline an appropriate commercialization strategy which may include preparing descriptions conveying the product opportunity, identifying potential licensees, and outlining steps that could lower the risks associated with third parties investing in the technology. Feedback from contacted companies will determine the scope and breadth of institutional investment in the technology."

    • Management of Intellectual Property ( Support service )

      "Intellectual Property evaluation, protection, and management is a core component of RVL activities, consistent with the institutional mission to make inventions, copyrightable works and other intellectual property created by physicians, researchers and trainees available for public benefit. The Partners Intellectual Property Policy describes how intellectual property created at these institutions is owned and managed, and how net income derived from this activity is distributed within the institution and to inventors.

      The first step in the process is to submit a completed Invention Disclosure Form to RVL. From this information RVL professionals will begin a dialogue with the inventors to better understand the novelty and utility of the invention."

    • Negotiation of Research and Material Transfer Agreements ( Support service )

      "Research Ventures & Licensing reviews, negotiates, and approves of a wide range of research agreements, including Sponsored Research Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements. These agreements provide the terms and conditions that enable investigators to receive funding, research tools, and information from industry and other sources. In addition, the agreements articulate what investigators and the institution must promise the provider in the form of reports, intellectual property rights, and deliverables. Upon the receipt of a scope, approved budget, and completed questionnaire, a RVL agreement manager will negotiate terms and conditions for the conduct of the research. Read more about Research Agreements in Frequently Asked Questions."

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