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Media Core (JDC)

Director: Lee, Jongsoon, Ph.D.

Location: Joslin Diabetes Center, One Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215


The main objective of the Joslin's Media Core is to reduce the cost and labor of making tissue culture media and other reagents required by the Joslin investigators. By centralizing preparation of these reagents, the Core provides high quality reagents at a significantly reduced cost to the investigators. In addition, the Core provides services to overcome labor intensive reagent needs, like plate pouring services and preparation of specialized buffers and reagents for cell and molecular studies.

The Media Core makes and provides over 10 different mammalian tissue culture media to the Joslin investigators for their studies. In addition, the Core prepares and provides several buffers and solutions to the Joslin investigators. The core also makes a variety of broths and agars for growing bacterial cultures, and provides agar plates and plate pouring service to the investigators. Over the past five years (2006-2010), by preparing and providing over 6250 liters of media and 2850 agar plates per year to the Joslin investigators the Media Core serves an important function in the efforts of these investigator to find cure for diabetes and its complications.





  • Media/buffer service ( Material production service )

    Preparation of a variety of culture media and buffers.

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