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Forsyth Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Director: Hu, Yang

Location: The Forsyth Institute, 245 First Street, 5th Floor Research Building, Room 5129, Cambridge, MA 02142


The Flow Cytometry Core offers consulting and support services for the detection of up to 14 different fluorescent parameters simultaneously, RBC contaminated samples, and high-throughput analysis using 96 or 384-well plates. The cell sorter allows for collecting cells/particulates of interest, after-screening for positively-selected markers, downstream applications, and is capable of sorting 4 separate cell populations simultaneously.

Service Type Academic (per hour) Commercial (per hour)
Analysis $80 $100
Cell Sorting $130 $160
Consultation $60 $70






  • Flow cytometry analysis ( Material analysis service )

    Core staff will provide training sessions to users to perform independent acquisition and analysis on the FACS Aria. More comprehensive applications are usually performed by the operator. Additional help for more advanced applications will be provided upon request.

  • Flow cytometry cell sorting service ( Material analysis service )

    Cell sorting services are performed only by core staff.

  • FluoroFinder ( Support service )


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