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PMB Microscopy Core (MGH)

Director: Brown, Dennis

Location: 185 Cambridge Street, MGH Simches Research Building, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02114


The Microscopy Core of the Program in Membrane Biology (PMB) at MGH is equipped and staffed to provide a wide range of services to investigators from MGH and the Boston area scientific community in the area of light and electron microscopy. The Core is housed on the 8th floor of the Simches Research Center at MGH, and is directed by Dr. Dennis Brown, Ph.D. The Core will provide services ranging from complete performance of the technical procedures required, to full training of personnel. Among the techniques available are laser scanning confocal microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy, tissue fixation, sectioning, immunostaining and conventional immunofluorescence microscopy, image analysis, and all aspects of electron microscopy including immunogold staining. The Core facility provides a unique and important resource for members of the scientific community as they approach a variety of research problems that call for these advanced microscopy techniques.

Thus, the Microscopy Core has a variety of menus to fit the microscopy and immunocytochemistry needs of most PIs. Interaction usually involves a preliminary discussion with the Core director and/or other Core staff who will be involved in the work. Intellectual and practical input are then tailored to fit individual requirements.






  • Development for Core enhancement service ( Support service )

    Dr. Dennis Brown and the advisory committee will continually explore new techniques to be offered as part of the core service.

  • Microscopy consultation services ( Support service )

    Dr. Dennis Brown and the Core technologists will be available for consultation in the use of the different microscopy techniques, and to provide technical advice, such as the different fixation techniques that enable antibodies to detect their antigens.

  • Microscopy training services ( Training service )

    The core technicians will also provide training to high frequency users who wish to invest the substantial time necessary for learning to use the equipment proficiently (with the exception of the electron microscope).

  • Technical microscopy service ( Analysis service )

    The core will perform conventional immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, live-cell imaging, conventional electron microscopy and EM immunogold labeling, tissue sectioning, tissue fixation, and computer based image analysis and quantification. In some cases, investigators will provide their own stained tissues/cell for imaging, while in others the Core will perform all services from fixation and sectioning, to staining and imaging.


  • IPLab ( Software )

    "Scanalytics IPLab for Windows and Macintosh is image acquisition, processing, measurement, and analysis software. IPLab integrates image acquisition, external device control, an easy scripting utility, and advanced measurement and processing tools. You can easily expand IPLab's functionality at any time with extensions such as Ratio Plus, MultiProbe, and Motion Control."

  • Nikon NIS-Elements Advaced Research Software ( Software )

    "NIS-Elements AR provides a total imaging solution covering image capture, archiving, and analysis. It was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research—giving the user complete control of all microscope and camera functions."

  • Volocity ( Software )

    "High Performance 3D-4D imaging software for a better insight to your science."

  • Zeiss Zen ( Software )

    Includes Zen Black and Zen Blue

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