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Pathology Specimen Locator (DF/HCC)

Director: Quade, Bradley, M.D., Ph.D.


The Pathology Specimen Locator Core was established in 2008 and offers services that enable investigators with appropriate IRB approval to access tissues with fewer barriers. This is achieved through a web-based, integrated network of distributed searchable databases that contain de-identified, coded, pathologic information on post-diagnostic, excess paraffin-embedded tissues human materials.

Access to annotated human tissues with cancer is critical for translational research, which provides an increasingly important bridge between basic scientific research and clinical medicine. In a complex multi-institutional environment like the DF/HCC, the Core streamlines the process of tissue acquisition, provides a single point of entry for tissue-related services, and connects the necessary pathology expertise with bench scientists. The Core allows more investigators to gain prompt access to tissues, while ensuring that the tissues used in research have the pathology validation, a feature that is critical for any study involving the use of tissues.



    Member: Bowman, Teri
    Role: Core Manager, Handles Technical Questions and General Inquiries for all Core Services
    Phone: (617) 525-9394

    Member: Wyner, Lauri
    Role: Content Manager
    Phone: (617) 432-4947



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