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CHGR Genotyping Resource (MGH)

Director: MacDonald, Marcy, Ph.D.

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Human Genetic Research, Richard B. Simches Research Center, CPZN-5414, 185 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114


This resource provides custom genotyping (microsatellite, SNP, other) in human and mouse, mutation detection/DNA sequencing, dosage analysis and related services to further the CHGR mission of promoting the use of genetic strategies in basic and clinical research.





  • ABI 3730 DNA analyzer ( DNA sequencer )

    "The 48-capillary 3730 DNA Analyzer is the Gold Standard in medium-to-high throughput genetic analysis. Use this for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, SNP analysis, mutation detection and traditional DNA sequencing. Get the highest quality data at a low cost per sample. This is upgradeable to 96 capillaries."

  • Beckman Coulter Biomek FX laboratory automation workstation ( Liquid handler )


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