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Center for Morphometric Analysis (MGH)

Director: Makris, Nikos, M.D., Ph.D.

Location: 149 13th Street, Room 10.006, Charlestown, MA 02129


The Center for Morphometric Analysis (CMA) is dedicated to the development and application of morphometric methods to biomedical imaging data, primarily high-resolution MRI. Using automated and semi-automated software written in our lab, MRI brain images are segmented into anatomical regions of interest. From this, we study the volume, surface, thickness, shape, and location of these regions and combine this with other types of information (behavioral studies, functional-MRI scans, diffusion-MRI, etc.) to analyze both the structure and function of the human brain.






  • Cerebellar parcellation service ( Material analysis service )

    Involves assessment of the cerebellum cortex in the context of lobule-based regions ("automated" and "manual" mode).

  • Cortical parcellation service ( Material analysis service )

    Involves assessment of the cerebral cortex in the context of gyral-based regions ("automated" and "manual" mode).

  • General segmentation service ( Material analysis service )

    Includes all principle gross structures of the human brain, including cortex, white matter, and cerebral deep gray matter structures ("automated" and "manual" mode).

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