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HSCI-CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility @ MGH

Director: Scadden, David, M.D., Ph.D

Location: Richard B. Simches Research Center, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, 185 Cambridge Street, CPZN - Room 4310, Boston, MA 02114


The HSCI-CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility seeks to provide high quality, accessible cytometry sorting and analysis services to laboratories in the Center for Regenerative Medicine, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and MGH research communities at an affordable rate. The Core's equipment and highly trained operators provide an advanced level of sorting and analysis services to its investigators. Additionally, the Core is dedicated to training users on all aspects of flow cytometry, including basic theory, information about specific applications, and critical interpretation of sorting results. The Core's four full-time staff members strive to ensure that each investigator's visit benefits their individual experiments to the greatest extent possible. To ensure the best availability to all users, the Core offers an online scheduling system, and provides extended sorting hours until late evening.

HSCI faculty have reduced pricing for use of the Core's services.





  • BD FACSAria II ( Flow cytometer sorter )

    "Our custom built BD FACSAria II is a high-speed cell sorter (up to 20,000cells/second) and analyzer (up to 50,000 cells/second). It has five lasers: 355nm UV, 407nm Violet, 488nm Blue, 532nm Green, and 639nm Red. It can sort cells into plates, onto slides, or up to four different populations simultaneously into tubes.

    Sorting services are provided by our trained facility staff. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening sort time during our open business hours. We follow the same holiday schedule as Massachusetts General Hospital, so there is no sorting available during holidays. For more details on available sort hours, visit the Online Scheduler.

    The FACSAria is located in a biosafety cabinet and is available for sorting BSL2 approved cells. Please contact us if you are interested in running BSL2 samples -- including Lentivirus infected samples or human primary samples -- prior to booking your appointment."

  • BD FACSAria IIu in biosafety cabinet ( Flow cytometer sorter )

  • BD FACSAria SORP in biosafety cabinet ( Flow cytometer sorter )

  • BD LSR II analyzer ( Flow cytometer analyzer )

    "We have one BD LSRII analyzer with four lasers: 355nm UV, 407nm Violet, 488nm Blue, and 633nm Red. It can detect up to 14 fluorescence parameters. We provide training for independent use. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for trained users."

  • Miltenyi AutoMACS Magnetic Cell Sorter ( Flow cytometer sorter )

    Our Miltenyi autoMACS Separator is available for high-speed magnetic cell sorting. We provide assistance for independent use, as well as columns and running buffer. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for trained users.

  • Several computers for FlowJo, ModFit LT, and FACSDiva offline analysis ( Computer workstation )

    Several computers are available for FlowJo, ModFit LT, and FACSDiva offline flow cytometry data analysis.


  • FACSAria Self-run sorting ( Access service )

  • FACSAria sorting ( Material analysis service )

  • LSRII self-run analysis service ( Access service )

  • Offline assisted or self-performed analysis ( Access service )

    We have several computers available for independent offline data analysis. Two Apple iMacs are in the main flow room; both have FlowJo installed, and one also has ModFitLT for cell cycle analysis. There is one additional Apple iMac in the CRM computer room for FlowJo and ModFit analysis. There is also a WindowsXP computer configured with FACSDiva 6.1 for further analysis of experiments collected on the LSRII or FACSArias. We provide training in FlowJo and ModFit LT for interested users. You may book time with us to prepare data for publication.

    FlowJo software is free to download from flowjo.com but requires a hardware license. We have several FlowJo dongles available to lend out to users to analyze their data on their own computers. We request users return a dongle when they are not actively using it to ensure there are dongles available for all users.

  • Self-run analyzer or sort training ( Training service )

    Training is available for using the various flow cytometers.


  • BD FACSDiva ( Software )

    "BD FACSDiva software is a collection of rich tools for flow cytometer and application setup, data acquisition, and analysis that help streamline flow cytometry workflow for today's busy laboratory. BD FACSDiva software offers built-in features for consistent and maintainable daily cytometer setup that supports reproducible data acquisition and reliable results."

  • FlowJo ( Software )

    Flow cytometry data and statistical analysis software. "FlowJo is very powerful flow cytometry analysis software you can download for free but requires a license to run. We offer several dongles you may borrow and run FlowJo on your own computer, as well as have several computers in the lab with FlowJo installed. To borrow a dongle, stop by the Flow lab."

  • ModFit LT ( Software )

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