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Human Sample Procurement Core Facility (HMS)

Director: Laffel, Lori, M.D.


The Human Sample Procurement Core will support translational research endeavors within the JDRF Center by providing the Center's laboratories access to well-characterized blood samples from patients with diabetes at different stages of the disease. This availability will greatly facilitate the translational exploration of concepts and targets emerging from the basic research projects.

Individuals with T1D (recent onset, long-standing Type-1 diabetes) and matched controls (healthy or T2D) will be recruited from the patient population at the Joslin Diabetes Center and neighboring institutions. The Core will perform and record a basic characterization of patients and their samples. This analysis will include a thorough evaluation of clinical characteristics from a diabetes and autoimmune standpoint, and an immunogenetic workup (outsourced to Joslin or other cores): autoantibody determination, HLA typing and genotyping for the best recognized susceptibility loci (INS, PTPN22, CTLA4). A relational database will be adapted to record all patient information, copies of which will be provided in a de-identified manner to the investigators.





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