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CCIB DNA Core: Synthesis (MGH)

Director: Avery, Amy

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, 38 Sidney Street, Suite 100, Cambridge, MA, 02139


The CCIB DNA Core, founded in 1995, is a well-established major research core laboratory within the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology of Massachusetts General Hospital Boston. The Facility provides a wide range of state-of-the-art services and specialized expertise in genomics, molecular biology, and laboratory automation to the to the greater Partners research community.

The Oligonucleotide Synthesis division of the CCIB DNA Core provides investigators with custom oligonucleotides for use in a wide range of genetics applications including DNA sequencing, PCR, cDNA synthesis, hybridization, and in vitro mutagenesis. In continuous operation since 1996, our division is committed to supplying the greater Partners research community as well as non-Partners research organizations with high-quality products at low cost and with rapid turnaround time.





  • MerMadeV DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesizer ( Oligonucleotide synthesizer )

    "Since their introduction, the MerMade family of DNA / RNA synthesizers have been used to synthesize millions of high quality oligonucleotides across a broad range of applications. Our oligonucleotide synthesizers are flexible enough to fit a wide variety of DNA synthesis and RNA synthesis applications including gene synthesis, PCR, RNAi, dual labeled probes, microarrays, sequencing, and antisense experiments. Whether your DNA or RNA synthesizer requirements are a few custom oligos a week or several thousand a day we have a MerMade that will fit your needs. The MerMade's reliability, high throughput synthesis, cost efficient use of chemicals, scaleability and easy to use software combined with unparalleled customer service and technical support have made them the preferred choice for universities, national laboratories and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world."

  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus ( Microplate reader )

    "The standard for UV-visible microplate reader absorbance, providing ultrafast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes, 96-well, and 384-well microplates, with the only temperature-independent method for pathlength correction."


  • Custom DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis ( Material production service )

    The CCIB DNA Core’s qualified DNA Synthesis team has been operating for more than 19 years and can fully leverage its special expertise in the synthesis of custom DNA oligonucleotides. It employs a synthesizer from a leading manufacturer, it has optimized the synthesis cycles, it uses high concentrations of building blocks, and it is working with high quality chemicals from selected suppliers. High-quality service end products are routinely used for a wide range of genetics applications including DNA sequencing, PCR, cDNA synthesis, hybridization, and in vitro mutagenesis.

    To fulfill the increasing demand for our DNA synthesis services while maintaining the rapid turnaround for our standard products, very long (>76 bases) oligonucleotides are now provided through our partnership with a trusted third-party vendor (IDT). Outsourced oligonucleotides are discounted from IDT's list price and receive free shipping to the core facility.

  • DNA Oligonucleotide Purification ( Material modification service )

    For all of our in-house oligonucleotide products, we offer desalting as an add-on service. Our cartridge purification method efficiently removes salts, base protecting groups and short failure sequences up to 6 bases. Desalted oligonucleotides can be used for standard molecular biology applications including PCR, qPCR, DNA sequencing, hybridization and in vitro mutagenesis.

    For long unmodified oligonucleotides, we recommend PAGE purification. For this service option, both DNA synthesis and purification are provided through our partnership with a trusted third-party vendor (IDT).

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