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Trace Metals Laboratory (HSPH)

Director: Shine, James, Ph.D.

Location: HSPH, Building 1, B9, B10, G33, 665, Huntington Ave., Boston, MA


The transport, fate, exposure, and toxic effects of heavy metals is a primary focus of research at the Center. The Metals Service provides metals analytical capabilities to biomedical and non-biomedical researchers and serves as a source for study design consultation and sample QA/QC requirements.

The Trace Metals Laboratory operates as a modified fee-for-service laboratory. Researchers have the option of having the samples run by the Service staff, or of receiving instruction (for themselves or a doctoral or post doctoral trainee) on how to operate the analytical equipment and analyze their own samples. Both options have associated fees and, as with other services, facility access funds can be requested internal or external services when individual grant support is not yet available.






  • Trace metals material analysis service ( Material analysis service )

    "Analysis of:
    * Trace metals and isotope ratio
    o Ex:Pb,Cd,As,Mn,Cu,Cr,Ni,Zn
    o Use for mercury analysis of various sample matrices (hair, fish, soil, etc.) without prior sample preparation
    * Organic matter content of soil and sediment; metal sorption /bioavailability
    * Non-destructive analysis of metals in solid samples such as soils, dust, and air filters. A portable device can also be used in the field for direct analysis and/or screening of samples."

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