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Conventional Electron Microscopy Facility (HMS)

Director: Ericsson, Maria, B.S.

Location: Goldenson Building 323, 220 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115


The Harvard Medical School EM Facility is a fee-for-service core facility open to all researchers. The Facility provides services and supervision in Transmission Electron Microscopy.






  • Chemical fixation protocol ( Protocol )

    "To be able to view a biological sample in the electron microscope it must first be stabilized or 'fixed' in a way that the ultrastructure of the cells or tissue remain as close to the living material as possible. The choice of fixative depends on the purpose of your study. It should be noted that, even though standard protocols can be sufficient for many purposes, finding the right fixation conditions is often a matter of trial and error. "

  • Embedding in resins protocol ( Protocol )

    "The routine method for examining biological samples in TEM is to embed the material in plastic and cut ultrathin (~60-80nm) sections. The choice of resin depends on the type of sample and the purpose of your study. Listed below are some of the more commonly used ones. "

  • Immunogold labeling procedure for ultrathin frozen sections protocol ( Protocol )

  • Negative staining protocol ( Protocol )

  • Ultrathin frozen sectioning protocol ( Protocol )


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