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Biostatistics Core Facility (DF/HCC)

Director: Catalano, Paul, Sc.D.


"The Biostatistics Core facility is a shared resource supporting consultation on biostatistics and epidemiology throughout the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC). The mission of the core is to ensure that experimental designs, study monitoring and data analyses take advantage of robust, efficient methods that reflect 'best practices' in biostatistics and epidemiology; to support NIH-funded peer reviewed grants that do not contain salary support for statisticians; and to enable pilot and small scale studies to become part of successful applications for peer-reviewed funding."

These services are available to Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center members only. The Biostatistics Core is located across several of the member institutions of the DF/HCC. To contact the Core, please email or call the statistician associated with your disease site.





  • Advice and consultation regarding grant applications and management of clinical trials data ( Support service )


    * Advice regarding and consultation with the Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS) in the scientific and human protection reviews of clinical trials through membership on the DF/HCC Scientific Review Committees and the DFCI IRB, which serves as the central IRB for the DF/HCC.

    * Advice and support in the preparation of grant applications of DF/HCC members.

    * Advice and consultation to the Quality Assurance Office for Clinical Trials (QACT) on efficient and accurate database design and management of clinical research data.

  • Biostatistical consultation ( Support service )

    "Biostatistical consulting in the planning, conduct, analysis and reporting of:

    * Clinical trials. The Biostatistics Core consults on and reviews all clinical protocols activated by the DF/HCC.

    * Epidemiologic and population based studies and studies in somatic genetics and the risk of cancer.

    * Experiments in the biology of cancer, including genomic experiments and laboratory and animal studies.

    * Translational research studies with combined measurements on clinical and biological parameters."

  • Computer support for the clinical research database ( Support service )

    "Using the Ingres system on the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (DFCI) network."

  • Scientific computing for data analysis and scientific graphics ( Data analysis service )

    "Scientific computing for data analysis and scientific graphics necessary for analyses of epidemiological, clinical, basic science, and genomic studies."

  • Training in study design, data collection, computerization, and statistical methods ( Training service )

    "Education for members of the DF/HCC in the areas of study design, data collection, computerization, and statistical methods for laboratory, clinical and population based studies."

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