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HMS Microfluidics/Microfabrication Core Facility

Director: Saenz, Calixto, Ph.D.

Location: 200 Longwood Ave., WAB-572, Boston, MA 02115


The HMS Microfluidics Facility aims to make the tools of Microfabrication and Microfluidics available to all HMS users.







  • Microfabrication project consultation ( Support service )

  • Soft-lithography service ( Material modification service )

    "The most widely adopted method for making Microfluidics devices for chemical and biological applications is named soft-lithography, a Microfabrication process combining photolithography and micro-molding techniques using a soft, biocompatible, polymeric material – PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane). The Microfabrication room of our facility offers all the equipment and tools needed for photolithography and soft-lithography process."

    The lab will perform this service for investigators or trained users may use the equipment and facilities themselves. See the guidelines on the website for details.

  • Soft-lithography training and consultation ( Training service )

    Includes seminars and workshops, as well as individual training. See website for details.

  • Specialized equipment training ( Training service )

  • Specialized process assistance ( Material processing service )

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