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East Quad NMR Core Facility (HMS)

Location: 240 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA 02115


Formerly the NERCE NMR Resource. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying structural and conformational parameters of molecules. This tool is vital for the chemical analysis of both small molecules (like those discovered in small-molecule screens) and large molecules, such as carbohydrates and proteins found to have potential biologic importance.



    Member: Sheahan, Charles
    Role: Research Associate in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
    Phone: (617) 432-6025



  • 10uL microflow probe ( Flow probe )

  • 400 MHz Varian MR spectrometer ( NMR instrument )

    This instrument uses the Varian One-probe and equipped with a 96 sample auto-sampler for automated analysis of samples

  • Varian VNMRS 600 ( NMR instrument )

    Consists of a 600 MHz magnet, 4 channel triple resonance probe, and broadband probe for observation of 13C. For small molecule use.


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