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Molecular Biology Core Facilities (DFCI)

Director: Morrison, Paul T.

Location: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Molecular Biology Core Facilities, 44 Binney Street, Boston, MA 02115


The Molecular Biology Core Facilities (MBCF) was created in 1986 to allow investigators at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute access to cutting edge molecular biology tools which would be tested and developed in a shared setting. Collaborations can be set up with anyone in the world. Although these services are primarily focused on cancer and AIDS research, there is a broad spectrum of research that uses these resources.






  • Metabolomics profiling protocol ( Protocol )

    Protocol uses MS/MS or LC/MS to analyze the various metabolites (small molecules) in the serum, plasma or in cells that have been organically extracted to remove DNA, RNA, proteins, membranes etc.

  • Protein acetylation protocol ( Protocol )

    "Protein lysine acetylation, referring to acetylation of the ɛ-amino group of a lysine residue, [is] an important post-translational modification for regulating protein functions in various organisms. Lysine acetylation is a rapidly reversible and precisely controlled covalent modification that serves as a simple on/off switch or participates in a codified manner with other post-translational modifications to regulate protein functions in different cellular and developmental processes. This unit describes and discusses methods used for in vitro and in vivo determination of lysine acetylation."
    Curr. Protoc. Protein Sci. 54:14.11.1-14.11.17.

  • Protein complex identification protocol ( Protocol )

    The protocol describes how to identify all the protein species (usually by identifying unique peptides in the mixture) in a protein complex.

  • Protein complex stoichiometry protocol ( Protocol )

    The protocol describes how to determine the number of protein molecules in a complex.

  • Protein ubiquitination protocol ( Protocol )

  • Protein-protein interactions protocol ( Protocol )

    The protocol describes how to monitor whether or not two (or more) proteins of interest interact with each other.


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