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Spine and Hip DXA

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    Measurement of areal bone mineral density (aBMD) of the spine (L1-L4), hip (total hip and femoral neck) by DXA. Results are expressed as BMD (g/cm<sup>2</sup> ), T-scores (compared to mean of young women/men), and Z-scores (matched for age, sex, and race). The bone density reproducibility of least significant change (LSC) at our Core is 0.017 g/cm<sup>2</sup> for spine, 0.022 g/cm<sup>2</sup> for femoral neck and 0.014 g/cm<sup>2</sup> for total hip. <img src="https://researchcores.partners.org/data/wiki_pages/155/Spine_and_hip_FINAL.JPG" alt="spine hip" style="width:196px;height:142px;"> <a href="https://researchcores.partners.org/data/wiki_pages/155/SPINE_FINAL.pdf">Example of spine bone density DXA measurement</a> <a href="https://researchcores.partners.org/data/wiki_pages/155/HIP_FINAL.pdf">Example of hip bone density DXA measurement</a>
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    Yu, Cindy, CBDT
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    Bone Density & Body Composition Research Core
  4. Related Technique
    Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
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