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BADERC Metabolic Physiology Core (HMS)

Directors: Kahn, Barbara, M.D.; Peroni, Odile, Ph.D.

Location: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, E/cls 747, 330 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215






  • Biochemical assays ( Material analysis service )

    * Insulin signaling: PI-3 kinase, Akt, GSK3, p70s6 kinase, MAP kinase, glycogen synthase activation; phosphorylation of insulin receptor and IRSs.

    * Leptin signaling: Jaks, stats, AMP kinase, MAP kinase

    * Enzyme activity assays: AMP Kinase, Glucose 6-Phosphatase

    * Tissue glycogen or lipid content.

    * Measurement of neuropeptides expression (NPY, POMC, AgRP, MCH mRNA) in hypothalamic nuclei.

  • Consultation service ( Support service )

    Consultation and assistance on writing animal protocols regarding services offered by the Core.

  • Dissections and surgeries ( Training service )

    Teaching and consultations only:

    * Dissection of adipose tissues, brown adipose tissues, liver, kidney, heart, pectoralis muscle and leg muscle (tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius, EDL and Soleus).

    * Dissection of whole hypothalamus and individual hypothalamic nuclei.

    * Placement of Intracerebroventricular (ICV) Cannula‎ for direct delivery of hormones and compounds in brain.

    * Placement of intravenous (jugular) catheter for direct delivery of hormones and compounds directly in blood stream.

    * Subcutaneous implantation of osmotic minipumps.

    * Subcutaneous white adipose tissue biopsy.

    * Subcutaneous white adipose tissue transplantation.

    * Formalin perfusion for in situ tissue fixation.

  • Instrumentation access ( Access service )

    * Use of DEXA scanner for determination of body fat and/or bone density. Fee for service.

    * Use of Coulter Counter to measure cell number and cell size distribution using our new coulter counter equipped with a multisizer (number and size of cells are determined on the same sample at the same time).

  • Metabolic physiology in vitro studies ( Material analysis service )

    * Isolation of adipocytes – counting the number and cell size distribution of adipocytes using our new coulter counter equipped with a multisizer (number and size of cells are determined on the same sample at the same time).

    * Glucose transport and metabolism studies in isolated adipocytes. Insulin dose response (glucose transport, glucose utilization, lipolysis).

    * Insulin or leptin signaling in isolated adipocytes – dose response.

    * Glucose transport in EDL and Soleus muscle. Insulin dose response.

    * Insulin signaling in EDL and Soleus muscle– dose response.

  • Metabolic physiology in vivo studies ( Material analysis service )

    * Glucose homeostasis: glucose tolerance tests, insulin tolerance tests, pyruvate tolerance test.

    * Lipid homeostasis: lipid tolerance test, hepatic VLDL production.

    * In vivo lipogenesis in adipose tissues and liver (Terminal study)- Experimental design and consultation.

    * Body composition: DEXA analysis of body fat or bone density, carcass hydrolysis (terminal study).

    * Animal models of insulin resistance (dietary, genetic, hypothalamic lesion).

    * Signaling studies in response to injections of insulin, and leptin (Terminal study)- Experimental design and consultation.

    * Assessment of hormone and metabolite concentrations – timing, stimulation, feeding status – experimental design and consultation only.

    * Euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp studies- Experimental design and consultation only.

    * Measurement of food intake in response to administration of orexigenic and anorexigenic agents.

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