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DFCI Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Director: Lazo-Kallanian, Suzan

Location: Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Jimmy Fund Building 415, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 44 Binney St., Boston, MA 02115


The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides sterile sorting and analysis of samples in support of research at DFCI. The core has 2 high-speed cell sorters, the BD FACSAria II SORP and BD FACSAria IIu with up to 12-color simultaneous detection utilizing multi-laser platforms. Sample populations can be sterile sorted into a variety of tubes or plates. The BD FACSAria II SORP and BD FACSAria IIu are both equipped with the Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) for sterile single cell sorting into 96, 384 micro titer plates.

The core presently has 2 analyzers, the BD LSRFortessa SORP and BD LSRII with up to 12-color simultaneous detection utilizing multi-laser platforms. The BD LSR II is also equipped with an HTS (high throughput sampler) for analyzing samples directly from 96 well micro titer plates as well as being able to run 5ml tubes.

The Facility staff is available to assist researchers with their sorting and analysis needs. Researchers who would like to utilize the analyzers are trained so that they can analyze their experiments independently. The staff will assist with data acquisition and analysis as well as interpretation. They will also assist in experiment design and implementation as well as troubleshooting. Training sessions are available for researchers who would like to run their sorting experiments independently.






  • Cell Analysis ( Material analysis service )

    * BD LSRFortessa cell analyzer
    - Detection of up to 10 fluorescent parameters
    - 4 laser system (488nm, 640nm, 407nm, 561nm)
    * BD LSR II cell analyzer
    - Detection of up to 12 fluorescent parameters
    - 3 laser system (488nm, 640nm, 407nm)

  • Cell Sorting ( Material modification service )

    * BD FACSAria IIu cell sorter
    - Detection of up to 9 fluorescent parameters
    - 3 laser system (488nm, 640nm, 407nm)

    - Detection of up to 17 fluorescent parameters
    - 6 laser system (488nm, 640nm, 407nm, 455nm, 561nm, 355nm)

  • Data Analysis ( Data analysis service )

    * BD FACSDiva
    * FlowJo analysis software
    * ModFit LT analysis software


  • BD FACSDiva (Jimmy Fund Building 415 and Mayer Building 584) ( Software )

    "BD FACSDiva software is a collection of rich tools for flow cytometer and application setup, data acquisition, and analysis that help streamline flow cytometry workflow for today's busy laboratory. BD FACSDiva software offers built-in features for consistent and maintainable daily cytometer setup that supports reproducible data acquisition and reliable results."

  • FlowJo (Jimmy Fund Building 415) ( Software )

    Flow cytometry data and statistical analysis software.

  • Modfit LT (Jimmy Fund Building 415) ( Software )

    "We use the ModFit software to analyze cell cycle data."

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