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TSE Systems Water Maze pool

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  1. Morris water maze


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    "The Morris Water Maze paradigm, in which the animal has to learn the position of a submerged platform in a pool of water, has become a popular tool for testing learning & memory in small rodents. The performance of the animal is sensitive to manipulations in the hippocampus. The TSE water maze package for VideoMot2 includes a pool with platform, low-light sensitive CCD camera & lens, camera connecting kit, DVD recorder, PC or notebook with built-in control interface, remote control and all connecting cables as well as the video tracking software VideoMot2. Quadrants and target position can be easily drawn over the image of the pool using the software. When the animal is released in the pool tracking is started using a remote control. Data acquisition is stopped automatically when the animal has reached the target or after it has stayed there for a user-defined time or after a set total duration has elapsed. Latency to reach the target is the relevant parameter here. For probe trials the platform is removed and the percentage time spent in the target quadrant is compared to the time spent in other quadrants. All standard water maze evaluation parameters are provided by the VideoMot2 software module and can be easily exported for further statistical evaluation."
  2. Contact
    Caldarone, Barbara, Ph.D.
  3. Manufacturer
    TSE Systems, Inc.
  4. Model Number
    Water Maze
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  6. Website(s)
  7. Location
    Mouse Behavior Core
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